Jigsaws and the power of three – a term at the Albert Sloman Library

The Albert Sloman Library is the biggest library I’ve worked in so far, and the opportunities are many and diverse. However if pressed (and I realise no-one is asking) I would say the most important thing I’ve learnt this term is a better understanding of how different departments and aspects of library work fit together. I’ve wanted to learn more ‘behind the scenes’ skills of library and information work –  not purely out of intellectual curiosity, but because I think informed staff are better equipped to help. For example, even before the start of term I had some training on reading lists using Talis, and was therefore able to help a staff member who was having difficulties getting his list just right for the start of term.

Writing a blog post to cover everything from this term is simply not possible. So I’ve decided to posit ‘three somethings’ that may give some insight in to the trainee post so far.

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