Graduate Trainee Profile #3

Hello, my name is Jake and I am one of three graduate trainees employed here at the Albert Sloman Library, University of Essex. I completed both my BA and MA in history here at Essex, and with that in mind, it seemed like the perfect place to also undertake a graduate trainee scheme. Moreover, for someone with no previous library experience, I was really motivated by the prospect of working within all of the different library departments, which the scheme at Essex offers.

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Graduate Trainee Profile #2

Hi! My name is Eleanor and I’m another of the Graduate Trainees working at the University of Essex’s Albert Sloman Library.

My background

I am not a new graduate, having completed my BSc Psychology with Healing Arts at Derby in 2002. Since then I have worked in a few different jobs, whilst trying to figure out “what I want to do when I grow up”. I even enjoyed a brief 5 year stint being self-employed, but that’s another story. I had applied for library jobs in Derby with no success, and even worked at Derby College library for a brief stint, but it hadn’t really occurred to me that this could be a lifelong career. However in 2015 I gained a permanent job in the Northamptonshire public libraries and after a short time I was hooked.

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Graduate Trainee Profile #1

Hello! So my name’s Katrina and I’m one of the (newish) Graduate Trainees at the University of Essex’s Albert Sloman Library. Like the majority of English Literature graduates I have a deep-rooted passion for reading and a desire to put my enthusiasm for knowledge to good use. The Albert Sloman library currently has over a million books, ebooks and scholarly articles, enough to fill 6 floors, so I feel that this is the perfect place to share my skills and interests. This is an academic library with a treasure trove of weird and wonderful collections as well as the set texts required for students to read as part of their programmes at the university. The collections themselves are often surprising and unexpected. The letters written by Sigmund Freud and the books belonging to the erstwhile Archbishop of York, Samuel Harsnett, are amongst my personal favourites. The strangest would have to be the marzipan heads modelled on members of the SDP.

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